Natural Remedies For Chronic Hip Pain

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

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Hip pain is becoming more common now than you initially expect. Typically, we associate it with the older generation. (I'm sure you all know of someone that's had a replacement hip in their old age!)

Now, younger people are developing hip pain due to things like excessive sitting. (Especially if you work mostly in front of the computer like me!) It can be a real annoyance as you don't realize how much you rely on your hips for everyday tasks. Depending on the source of your pain, it can be a struggle sitting down, walking, or putting your clothes on! (The struggle is real y'all!)

Most people assume that hip pain leads to surgery. This doesn't have to be the case. And you can relieve yourself of this pain without resorting to drugs and medication as well. Here's a few points in this post for natural ways of dealing with chronic hip pain.

Improve your hip mobility & strength

Almost all of your hip pain will be caused by either a lack of mobility or a lack of strength in the joint. In fact, both problems can co-exist with one another. For example, a lack of internal hip rotation is seen as a cause of pain for many people. At the same time, this also means there's lack of strength in hip abduction. To avoid overcomplicating things, let's just end this point with a statement: You should look to have excellent mobility in all areas of this joint, which should result to a strong and stable hip at the same time!

Try topical pain relief solutions

When the pain is too much to handle, your mind instantly wanders to the medicine cabinet. Avoid taking pain medication as it can be a very bad thing to put in your body. People become addicted to pain medication all the time... thanks to the immediate relief it provides. Soon, you'll feel as though you can't go a day without taking paracetamol. Instead, look for deep relief cream that can soothe the muscles around the joint. These creams contain ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and ease your pain. The best thing is that they're topical, so you can't get addicted to them. Nothing gets put into your body, making them a far safer option than pain-relief drugs. 

Address other problems throughout your body

A lot of hip pain stems from problems in different areas of your body. For instance, people with flat feet like myself are prone to hip issues. How? Well, flat feet collapse inwards, which makes your knees cave inwards, moving your hips out of alignment. With that in mind, your best solution is to see a physical therapist and get a full analysis of your body. They will assess your posture and look for any issues that might cause your hip pain. Otherwise, you'll follow the first two tips and wonder why they don't bring permanent relief. If there's an underlying issue with another body part, it needs to be fixed before you work on your hips. 

I hope these three tips provide a natural alternative for your hip pain solutions. There's definitely ways to take care of yourself without resorting to expensive surgeries that give you a metal hip unless it's the last resort. Likewise, you can surely cope with hip pain while avoiding any prescription drugs that could be detrimental for you in the long run. But your best bet is to always stay healthy by eating right, moving your body and seeking a professional if need be.

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NOTE: As I'm writing this, I just finished dancing with my hula hoop hahaha! Just exercising my waist and hips out of paranoia! Not really sure if there's a connection with this topic hahaha! ;)