5 WINNING Self-Care Tips For Better Health

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

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When life gets so busy, it's a lot more challenging to take good care of yourself. But putting this very basic task off for too long will surely take a toll on your overall well-being. If you wanna be healthy and happy, then you must focus on implementing these WINNING habits that will make you feel great and live a long and fulfilling life. Now is the time to put the excuses aside and commit to improving your healthy routine. You’ll never regret putting time and energy into yourself. It’s the best investment ever because it'll provide you with a solid foundation for all that you do in the future.

Visit the Doctor & Dentist

One self-care tip for better health is to visit the doctor and dentist regularly. If you have ailments or issues that are bothering you, then it’s in your best interest to get them checked out by a professional. It’s a chance for you to ensure that your health is in good standing and ask any questions you have that are on your mind. It’s also an opportunity to go through routine procedures that include a physical at the doctor and getting dental x-rays for your teeth. Especially for the ladies out there, detecting breast cancer early gives you the best chance of being cured. And a regular physical check up and yearly mammograms can definitely save your life so it's a must to have them done regularly.

Exercise & Eat Healthy Meals

Make sure you get your regular exercise however you want it and eat healthy meals majority of the time. These are ways to keep your weight under control, your health in good condition and your mental health in check. You’ll have more natural energy and less anxiety when you break a sweat daily and consume nourishing foods. Eating healthy, not only makes your body heal faster and get stronger but it's proven to help you be in a good mood because of the nutrients it provides. If you struggle to find time to exercise and cook, then consider creating a gym or work out routine at home. Do grocery shopping and meal planning on the weekends to cut back on eating out, consuming instant meals or fast foods that aren’t good for you.

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Proactively Manage Your Stress

Too much stress takes a toll on your mind and body over time and cause you to lose sleep and burn out. So it’s vital for you to proactively manage it for better health in the long run. There are many ways to manage and reduce your stress, including meditating, journaling, spending time in nature, be surrounded by loved ones, making art, going for a walk and performing deep breathing exercises. Be sure to recognize your stress triggers and what happens to you when your stress levels rise so you can step back and take a break.

Spend Some Time Alone

You may be so busy with work and your personal life that you fail to take time for yourself. It’s a wise idea to spend some time alone every so often if you want to boost your health and happiness. Find activities you enjoy doing by yourself, such as biking, reading, and listening to music. It’s your chance to recharge so you can return to your schedule and the people you love with more zest and motivation. That way, you're more productive which results to you contributing more.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep each night is essential for you to rejuvenate all the lost energy you had during the day. Go to bed early and get up around the same time each morning to keep on a consistent schedule. Find a relaxing bedtime routine such as taking a warm shower, drinking a warm cup of Four Sigmatic reishi mushroom cacao mix and a relaxing night beauty routine from Winner Skin instead of playing on your electronics that stimulate your brain. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up ready to seize the day. And you’ll be more equipped to WIN over the daily battles that come your way.

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