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WINNER Skin In The Works!

"You're so vain. You probably think this song is about you! Don't you! Don't you! Don't you!!!"

Every time I hear this song play in my car radio, I get hit right through the heart because, well, I'm guilty AF for being vain. Not exactly sure if it's because of growing up in front of the camera or because I'm secretly insecure about having a health diagnosis at such a young age... but either way, looking good has always been a priority in my life... especially my skin. When I don't like the face that I see in the mirror, I get depressed. I start wondering, "Am I giving up on myself to not even bother taking care of my skin which is the super basic beauty routine?"

Before though, in my 20s which is the peak of my vanity, it's always just about the looks and how people view me. But now, in my 40s, it's changed to actually feeling good about my own skin and how I can radiate that same great feeling to others around me.

Since the quarantine started, I found a valid excuse to stop wearing make up and pluck my eyebrows. I saw it as a time to reboot and let my skin breath after creating a cosmetic routine for such a long time. Then came my obsession on DIY face treatments for nourishment and studying about different skincare ingredients to know if they benefit or harm the skin. I noticed a huge difference after a month of no make up and doing regular natural face treatments. My skin got softer, smoother, more hydrated and clean.

And one day, as I was smiling at myself in the mirror feeling so good after washing my face from a virgin coconut oil and civet coffee granules face treatment, I had a "lightbulb in the head" moment. I thought, "What if I venture into creating a skincare line that's natural, organic, and free from cruelty and controversial ingredients like parabens and sulfate? What if I can share this same exact WINNING feeling I have right now simply from pampering my skin at home with products derived from nature to anyone who feels shitty about how their skin feels? And what if along the way as I make revenue from all this, I can also support someone going through a cancer diagnosis that has it harder than my situation?"

And from there, the idea of WINNER Skin was born... an organic skincare line that makes you feel like a WINNER just because you feel good in your own skin that you take very good care of. Immediately, I ran the idea to a business partner and we effortlessly have the same vision and passion to mount it. 

I can't disclose a lot of information for now as we are still in the building phase but as I'm writing this, I'm smiling from the heart because this is made out of pure good intention and passion... and the products are damn good as I tried them myself from a US-based supplier for weeks. With more revenue, hopefully that comes with it, we would love to even improve the formulation to greater heights but right now, as it is, it's already a WINNER product!

Here's the gist on what my new passion project is about: WINNER Skin is a skincare beauty routine that's organic, natural, free from paraben, gluten and cruelty and definitely 100% vegan. I believe your skin is the canvas and the rest like make up is the paint. So to achieve that magnificent painting, the canvas has to be clean and smooth. Same thing with your skin. Before you get all artsy with it and cover it with tons of make up or go hiding on some fake Instagram or TikTok filter, why not work on making your skin fresh, clean, smooth and supple as a priority? When your "base" feels and looks great, the rest of the artwork will flow effortlessly beautiful.

And not just this, me and the WINNER Skin team is working on collaborating with a non-profit organization that supports young cancer patients in their treatment. A percentage of the purchases will be donated to help alleviate  the financial stress of an expensive cancer treatment. So not only are you WINNING with your beautiful skin with this skincare line, but you're also helping young survivors WIN their battle over cancer! I will disclose what organization we will be working with once everything is finalized. But for now, this is the WINNING game plan!

I'm praying to God and manifesting in the universe that all this will come to fruition and that it will be well-received with warmth and abundance. And most importantly, I do hope it will save young lives. Stay tuned for the WINNER Skin official website, product line and everything else in between. Meanwhile, you can follow us on Instagram (@winner.skincare) as we're starting to get the ball rolling. Oh, and here's a little teaser to get you excited as I am. Let's WIN this! :) 

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