Why Vision Insurance Is Important

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

As anyone out there with vision problems will know, your eyesight is just as important as any other aspect of your health. Seeing clearly allows you to experience seeing the world in full color. And proper, proactive eye care can help prevent problems from happening further down the line. 

But of course it can be pricey AF! It's not always possible to get an eye test or prescription glasses at an affordable price here in America. That's why I get pleased when I see that my employer has added "vision benefits" to my insurance plan. However, in many cases, the employee will pay the premium, not the employer. Though the cost may look small, especially when you think of how much eyeglasses can be, the truth is that the system is a little more complicated than they appear.

Though it seems like they're helping you live more freely, in truth, it's the opposite! You can be pushed into a system that isn't necessarily right for you and which doesn't necessarily have the best interest at heart. Because you have to use the in-network store, the store knows this, then you'll usually end up with a pair of glasses at an overly inflated price.

There's an option though but you have to go out of network. This can bring lots of benefits including lowering the cost and getting a better pair of glasses. To know more about the benefits I'm referring to, check out the infographic below created by eyeglasses.com. It‘s about time we make better choices for our eye care so we can clearly see the beauty of the world! WIN ON! 🤓

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