The WINNING Guide To Effective Goal Setting

All too often, you read a blog article telling you how to stick to New Year’s resolutions. However, goal setting shouldn’t be a once a year objective. Instead, you should have goals that you're striving to meet on a daily basis. By breaking your goals into manageable chunks, you can feel more motivated and eager to succeed. If you can measure your progress and see your impact, you will continue towards your goal. There's an old saying that you can make plans in the sand but your goals should be concrete. This means adapting your short term aims in order to achieve those long term objectives. Take a look at this WINNING guide to effective goal setting.

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Personal Goals

Think about those goals that are super personal to you. What is it that you've always wanted to achieve that can no longer wait? For me, it's writing my book and pumping out content to inspire others. For some people, this might mean shifting the weight that has prevented you from maximizing your self confidence for the past decade. For others, it might mean training for an event. And for you, it might mean striving for the promotion that you've always felt that you deserve. Sometimes, goals become acutely personal and often painful. If you're eager for a baby but you've been struggling to conceive, make your plans more short term and measurable. An appointment with IVF Phoenix is a success to be celebrated. Discussing your problems with a midwife is also worthy of note. Remember that working on staying positive is crucial to achieving your goals.

Make A List

It's useful to have something visual to represent your goals and objectives. A list is the easiest way to do this. However, others enjoy looking at something more pictorial like a diagram, flow chart or thought shower. It doesn’t matter what it is so long as you can analyze it and it has a motivational feel. If you're looking to lose weight, writing down your weight loss on a weekly basis or putting it into a graph can be hugely beneficial. It can make you more eager to push harder in the spin class, not succumb to the temptation of candy bars, and persevere with your yoga stretches to strengthen your core and tone up.

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Embarking on achieving your goals all on your own can be difficult. It doesn’t matter if you're on a quest to train for a marathon or whether you're looking to banish your anxiety for good, it makes sense to share these goals with your support network. Just like a problem shared is a problem halved, a goal shared is a goal with extra impetus to succeed. You can call up your nearest and dearest to rant about your latest job application rejection or you can have a chat with a pal about how determined you are to shift another inch from your waistline. In my case, I hired book mentors and editors to help get my writing going and it's working! Talking and remaining social means you won’t feel alone or isolated when trying to achieve your goals.

Goal setting is becoming more on trend for all demographics as people yearn to take more control over their lives. Follow this guide and you can set goals that are measurable, and more importantly, achievable. Keep WINNING baby! I'm rallying with you all the way. :)