PROVEN: A Natural Healing Docuseries

Being super proactive in researching about health, I came across a random email 2 months ago that's asking me to sign up to access a docuseries about scientifically proven ways to heal the body naturally from diseases. It's entitled "PROVEN: Healing Breakthroughs Backed Up By Science." 

Since this 9-part docuseries only showed on real time and can only be replayed once (I wasn't sure too if it was available for viewing outside the US!), I took down notes so that I could share this to anyone who could benefit from it. Listed are the bullet points of all the essential take aways from this interesting docuseries. I couldn't elaborate on all of it because the blog will be way too long!

According to the host, some of the facts stated here are still being studied and although I've pretty much tried most of them, I can attest that their suggestion really helped me navigate my health into a much better place. And since I'm not the researcher of this show, a medical doctor or a certified health expert, I can't answer any inquiries that you may have. Again, there's always google if you decide to investigate further.  

So here goes the gist of it. By the way, this blog is only until Chapter 7 because the other 2 chapters were redundant and just kept repeating the same idea! If you've tried some of these techniques, please share your feedback if it actually worked!!! We could all use a healthy dose of someone's proven "healing story." :) 


*Proven Natural Solutions:

1) Yoga

2) Ashwaganda supplement

3) Reishi or the "chill" mushrooms

4) Mindfulness practices like meditation

5) Qi gong and tai chi 

6) Progressive relaxation (tense yourself up then release!)

*Supplementary Videos To Deal With Stress:

TED TALKS: How To Make Stress Your Friend

TED TALKS: Give Your Inner Child Permission To Heal

*Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - tapping certain parts of your body to relieve anxiety, pain and feeling overwhelmed.


1) Bio-feedback

2) Frequency Specific Microcurrent (vague nerve)

3) Acupuncture

4) Functional foods & mushrooms - yeast from wine, Kombucha tea and reishi.

5) Medicinal herbs - peppermint oil, turmeric/curcumin

REFERENCE: Dr. Mark Hyman's website and blog


II - BRAIN HEALTH (Identifying & Healing Leaky Gut)

*Foods To Avoid Because They Cause Inflammation:

1) Sugar

2) White flour

3) Heavily processed food

*Foods To Focus On:

1) Vegetables

2) Healthy oils - coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil (organic and extra virgin)

3) Organic root vegetables

4) Kimchi

*Brain Herbs & Supplements

1) Ginko

2) Lion's Mane

3) Ginseng

4) Ashwaganda supplement

*Photo-biomodulation (PBM) - benefits cognitive function

III - HEARTMATH (Love, Kindness & Compassion)

*How To Prevent Heart Problems:

1) What is familiar can be comforting, even if it's actually destructive for us. Hence, change what's negatively "familiar" to experience true compassion and care

2) Bio-feedback - shift frustration to neutral feelings

3) Meditate - find a mentor if needed

4) Frequency Specific Micro-current

5) Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy


*Proven Natural Ways to Heal:

1) Qi gong

2) Grounding/Earthing

3) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

*Natural Energy Herbs:

1) Ginseng

2) Ashwaganda supplement

*Natural Sleep Herbs:

1) Valerian root

2) CBD

3) Chamomile tea

4) Passion flower

5) Lemon balm

6) Hops

7) Licorice extract

*Test to take to identify hormonal triggers - Dutch Test


*Natural Herbs For The Heart

1) Dan Shen

2) Cinnamon (regulates sugar)

3) Shanzha

*Practices To Do

1) Qi gong & tai chi

2) Yoga & meditation

3) Expressive dance & movements

*Create a personalized nutrition that's good for your body

*Fasting for 14 to 18 hours is advisable every so often

*How To Manage Pain

1) Chiropractic

2) Feldenkrais Method


*Natural Proven Ways

1) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

2) Neuro-feedback

3) Mindfulness

4) Expressive Art Therapy - music and art

5) Dance Therapy

6) Nature Based Therapy

7) Pet Therapy

8) Adventure Therapy


*Entrepreneurial Oncology - targeted, immune and chemotherapy

*Mind-Body Practices

1) Hypnosis - to moderate pain, anxiety and depression

2) Yoga - can beat stress, mood swings, anxiety, depression and immune dysfunction

*Manual Therapies

1) Lymphatic Drainage Massage

2) Acupuncture - to relieve side effects during treatment

3) Cupping

4) Moxa - increase white blood cells and manage harsh side effects

*Herbal Medicines

1) Medicinal mushrooms - chaga for immune support, reishi to relax, shiitake to slow tumor growth


2) Fasting - ketosis can possibly starve cancer cells

*Microbes - they live in small intestines then move to the gut that creates pancreatic cancer

*Unconventional Treatments That Are Being Studied

1) Naturopathic Oncology

2) German Approach - heat therapy or hyperthermia, mistletoe IV and medicinal mushrooms, Interleukin-2

3) Inject virus to provoke the immune system to possibly fight off cancer cells

4) Immune check point inhibitor drugs - won the Nobel Prize

*Natural Therapeutic Practices

1) Qi gong and tai chi

2) Yoga and meditation

3) Music and dance therapy

4) Grounding/Earthing

5) Acupuncture

6) Lymphatic Drainage Massage

*Superfoods & Herbal Supplements

1) Ashwaganda supplement

2) Medicinal mushrooms like reishi, Lion's Mane and chaga

3) Kombucha tea

4) Kim Chi

5) Turmeric spice

6) Passion flower

7) Green tea

*Eat organic fruits, vegetables and fiber to boost overall health. That way, treatment can be more tolerated. Cut back on sugar, red meat, alcohol and heavily processed food!

*Live life filled with contentment, spirituality and a sense of purpose and belongingness.

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