My Dear Filipino Followers...

Magandang buhay! It's been awhile since I created a content catered for you. So I thought I'd write what's in my heart why this is so. Some of you are probably thinking I've already changed, forgotten my roots or have become too Americanized and I can't blame you. The truth is I love challenging myself to go out of the usual box and I dream BIG.

I'm super proud to be Filipino. And I have never and will never forget my roots. But there are certain sides of me that are best relatable to a global market that Filipinos find too blatant and vulgar. Does that make me evil? Just because I cuss or say what's on my mind even if at times, it's not pleasant and wholesome? You decide. I ain't gonna apologize for them though for they are my truth.

Have I forgotten Tagalog, God and family and all these aspects that are common trademarks of a Pinoy? Absolutely not! But I love English too and have always dreamed of doing media in a first world country. Hence, I've been practicing speaking American street lingo and barely speaking Tagalog punch lines in my content. It's not that I'm ashamed of my mother tongue. It's because I'm immersing in the American culture so that I can capture them as well.

I also have an utmost respect for all types of beliefs so I can't just keep talking about God and the Bible. Not because I don't credit Him for anything! But because I believe that religions are different rivers all pouring into the same ocean just like what my yoga teacher said. It's not fair to exclude my social media followers who don't practice Christianity or Catholicism. I'm sharing my story for the world to know. And whoever can relate or find value in it, whatever race, nationality, status or religion they have, should not be made to feel unwelcome.

And I love my family and miss them so much. I super do. But they are all in the Philippines which is why you don't see them on my social media. I also would much rather keep my personal relationships private because I still have a beautiful life outside of social media. I know it would be a lot interesting to reveal more. But I, just like anyone else, also crave for privacy. So hoping for your understanding on that part.

With all of this being said, I guess my point is... I already outgrew "Jaymee Joaquin", that artista that you once knew in the Philippines in my 20s. I still crave to mature as a creator especially in this digital age as I make myself known in this big foreign land. I'm hoping for your support as I look into and embrace this creative evolution.

It may no longer sound and feel Filipino but it doesn't mean the Filipina in me is no longer there. It is and will always be there. It's just that there's more to me as a person than that. And I don't wanna limit myself to my nationality and what is expected as a stereotype. I wanna explore and evolve as a human in general that any other human, regardless of any types of labels could relate to and learn from as I share my social media content. My growth as an artist may not be what you want for you or what appeals to your taste. But this is what feels right for me for now. I'm hoping you'll still love and support me for it. Whatever happens, tuloy lang buhay.

Thank you for your support since I was "Jaymee Joaquin" back home. I hope being "Jaymee WINS" here in America now will inspire you just the same or more!

My Very Best,

Jaymee :)