Mom Knows Best

When you were young, mom's constant nags about life is sooooo annoying right? And then you grow up and realize that she's so right all along. Here are some of my Mami's redundant sermon growing up translated in English. I nod as I recall each one of them. Ang galing! She figured it out. :) 

1) Instead of always eating out, learn to cook good food at home to get the best quality at a cheaper price.

2) Reveal your life only to family and super few friends. Everyone is NOT your friend even if they seem like it. Most people only want to pry on the latest scoop, nurture envy on your triumph or throw a feast at your misery.

3) It's possible to be alone and genuinely happy. Marriage and children are big, heavy responsibilities designed for some but is not for everyone. But if you choose to settle down, go for a good man who loves you more. Much much more. Otherwise, you're better off solo flying light than carrying the heavy weight of unrequited love.

4) Simple, tranquil, steady life is wonderful. It's healthy for the soul in the long run when you've mature than the grandest, wildest pursuits.

5) Invest in a few but quality pieces that could last for awhile. Forget quantity for in a few months, you will just discard them. Quality lasts way longer and will give you your money's worth.

6) Don't believe everything that everyone announces on social media about how great their lives are. You have no idea what their reality is about. Just focus on your own track. Social media is mostly fake.

7) Make room for spirituality. It keeps you enlightened and grounded. Pray your trials out.

8) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Prioritize good sleep and rest. Drink water like how babies drink milk. Keep your space clean and organized. Always look very neat and presentable.

9) Be excited about the good things but always prepare yourself emotionally for the worst possible outcome, just in case. So don't expect. Just keep living life.

10) Observe a lot. Listen more. Speak only when necessary.

NOTE: She irritated me before as she was sooooo kulit!!! But now that I'm 40, I get it now. My Mami... she really knows best. :) HAPPY 77TH BIRTHDAY TO THE HUMAN BEING WHO LOVES ME THE MOST. Thank you for your unconditional love and support. I miss and love you so much. ♥

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