Memory Techniques To Boost Your Brain Power

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Do you ever feel like you're losing your capacity to remember things like names, items list, and phone numbers? I did. I experienced major foggy brain months from post-cancer treatment! (Chemo brain is real y'all!!!) You might blame technology. But it doesn't stop you from using it either. The good news is that technology doesn't diminish brain power. It's always there waiting to be unlocked; you just gotta know the tricks and techniques to make it easy. Some of them are below. 

Remembering Numbers 

These days, with mini-computers in our pockets most of the time, it can be easy to get lazy with phone numbers and calculations. We just get our phone and make a note or use the calculator. But it would be faster and healthy to use our brainpower. Remembering numbers is easier than you might think if you use your imagination. Think of words as pictures. One is a pencil; two is a Swan, three is a fork, and so on. You won't forget a phone number ever again. 

Getting Spelling Right

Spelling is tricky, especially in English, which has influences from various other languages and stretches back to Greek and Roman times. Our spelling abilities are further hindered by spell checking technologies that spell words for us. There's no easy way to improve your spelling, but there are some best practices that benefit you over time. First, turn off your spell checker on your device and look up words you don't know. Make a list of problem words and practice them regularly. Also, study the roots of commonly misspelled words.  

Remembering Lists 

When you're going down to the supermarket, or the Chiropractor for the weekly shopping, everything needs to be written down, right? Not if you know how to easily and quickly remember lists. This technique is a variation of the Loci technique where locations around a familiar place (like a house) are used to remember objects placed there. Your body is the most familiar place for you. Think of places on your body and number them. Then attach a list-object to the number. To recall the object, think of the body part.

Capital Cities 

The rote learning method doesn't work; that's because our brains are not defined that way; we can't force information into them. Memory is a visual process that requires the imagination. If you want to remember, the capital cities of 195 countries don't use flashcards and stay up all night. Instead, create a picture that links the city to the country. Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, for instance. Kingston sounds like King-stung, and Jamaica sounds like Jam-maker. So imagine a King making jam and getting stung by a bee. 

Avoiding Confusion 

Many words in the English language sound alike or similar, and it can be difficult to remember the difference. One good example is the difference between stalactite and stalagmite. Both these refer to mineral deposits, but one is on the ceiling, and one is one the ground. To remember the difference, remember that stalactite contains 'C,' which equals ceiling, and stalagmites contain 'G,' which equals ground. 

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