Lockdown Woes: The Psychological Impact On Our Health

We've all been in lockdown for many months. Never before in our history, have we ever had full-scale worldwide lockdown before. Billions of people are told to stay indoors for their own safety. They haven’t been able to meet their loved ones. We haven't been able to go to funerals and say goodbye. Being trapped in our own homes had led to the inevitable and unfortunate circumstances of suicides now rising. Psychologically, lockdowns are having a bigger impact on us than our physical health. This is dangerous because we can see when we're not physically well, but when we're suffering in our minds, no one can tell that we're unhappy or ill.

Image c/o Pixabay

At-home support

We all need support, but some of us who live alone like myself don’t have anyone close by to chat to. This can lead to mental health spiralling out of control. It can lead to horrible thoughts and feeling as if you have no way out. But with https://serenitycares.com/hospice-services/ you can always lean on someone’s shoulder. They provide professional psychological support, as well as nurses that can visit you at home. They can also provide you with spiritual support, for those of you that need to feel closer to a higher power. At-home mental health support is very popular now because it's very convenient, you don’t need to travel anywhere and you can form a relationship with the person who cares for you. 

Speak with someone

Don’t bottle it up! If you have some concerns about your life, please tell someone. You can access many charities online who give mental health support to anyone who seeks it. They can speak with you over the phone on a scheduled call or form a relationship with you via email messaging. They will get to know you, and then you will start a correspondence with each other for as long as you require it. They will reply to your emails every week and check up on how you’re doing. Find a way to set goals with each other, and try to meet them. Alternatively, you should speak with a neighbor, a friend, or even someone on social media that is going through the same depression.

Go outside

I'm sure you can set aside 1 hour to do something physical like exercising or moving your body by walking. Please do it! You can go for a walk through the city, or you can go and drive to a park and do the same. If you live near the countryside, you should figure out a walking path and make sure you can go to it at least twice a week. Just being able to enjoy the outdoors is a blessing nowadays and you shouldn’t waste your opportunity. It's like a mental reset which you can perform at will. You just need to stick to a schedule.

Take your mental health seriously. Don’t try to macho through it. Speak to someone, don’t be alone and take active measures to give yourself that much deserved relief. You'll be surprised how other people are willing to help and support you if only you reach out and show vulnerability.