Healthy Night-Time Habits Everyone Should Know About

Nowadays, everyone lives at a breakneck pace, working 10 hours a day for some, even more, coping with food and some kids at home. For many, when they get home, work isn’t even done yet, beyond what your family’s needs are. The reason for every individual is different. Whether you’re working for a promotion, trying to boost sales for your business, or even just trying to survive, most people’s schedules are hectic.

Being this busy means that your brain is working overtime. And similar to you working most of every day, your body needs enough rest to supply you with another productive day. Getting enough rest could prevent excess weight gain and decrease illness durations. It’ll also reduce stress by somewhat, according to a study. Let’s look at some healthy bedtime routines to get your mind to rest.

Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

Let go of your phone

Our brains only truly relax once we forget about all that we have going on. Your phone is a constant reminder of what to do, who to talk to, and an excellent platform for you to keep working. At a particular time at night, it is a good idea to put your phone down and let people know that you’re no longer available at this time. It’ll be an excellent method of letting your brain know it’s time for bed and for yourself to start relaxing. No one can keep on working. Sometimes it will happen that you have too much going on to go to bed early. This happens to everyone but make sure you never make a habit of it.

Nighttime drink

A great way of setting a bedtime routine is enjoying a nice hot beverage wherever you’re most comfortable to do so. Whether you have a patio set outside or you like sitting in bed before going to sleep, having a relaxing sleep drink to calm the nerves and give your body the sign that bedtime is near is critical. My go-to drink at night is a warm cup of mushroom cacao mix with reishi from Four Sigmatic or a ginger chamomile tea. The central aspect of these habits is setting a specific time and keeping to that time as best as possible. Some nights you’ll have functions or go out to a restaurant with family or on a date night. When you surpass the time you have set for yourself, make sure you still practice the habit, even if it is later on.

Get reading

Many people already use this method to switch off their brains. Reading in your bed is an excellent way of relaxing and regarding nothing but your reading and consciousness. (For cancer survivor, you can check out my recently published book entitled “That Sh*t Called Cancer” on Amazon!) It’ll only take a few pages to get you yawning and relaxing to an extent where sleeping is the only option you have left. Like putting your phone away and drinking a sleep drink, it is an excellent way of letting your brain know that you’re ready for bed and that it’s time to wind down.

Sleeping isn’t for fun, it’s a vital aspect of living a healthy lifestyle. Enough sleep could cure many mental blocks you may have and supply you with enough energy to breeze through everyday life successfully. Make sure you sleep enough as it’s a gateway to a happier and healthier life.