Fighting Fit! The Mental Benefits of Learning A Martial Art Later In Life

Pexels - CC0 License

If you're looking for a way to keep fit and healthy, have you considered martial arts? The fact is that martial arts like Karate or Tai Chi are not something just for 8-year olds or people who just want to fight. But any martial art is a fantastic thing to do at whatever stage of your life. Let's show you why martial arts is something you can and should do at any time during adulthood.

1) It Is Is Great for Your Mental Health

With so much focus on mental health these days, finding something that gives you a belief in your abilities is wonderful as you get older. Whether you are experiencing a quarter-life crisis or a midlife one, you can learn exactly what your body is capable of and builds self-belief in an organic way. When you see a martial art like Tai Chi that requires so much control, you start to exert control over your own perceived limitations. Building self-belief is about having control over our own bodies. A resource like the Tai Chi For Health Institute focuses on the health aspects of Tai Chi. But you can apply this to any martial art. Because martial arts are about consistent training and discipline, the physical components benefit the mental ones.

2) It Gives You Goals

While young kids train in martial arts to build self-esteem and to defend themselves, as adults we can use martial arts as a way to incorporate goals into our lives. Training in martial arts is about getting rewards based on merit rather than winning fights. When you start training any martial art discipline, it gives you the motivation to go for one belt, and then to go further. If you choose to, you can compete in martial arts competitions, But when you start to train for your first belt, and you gradually build yourself up to the top-level, you will find the battle is just beginning, as there is always something more to chase. Goals give us a structure in life that will benefit our mental health, physical health, and keep us motivated.

3) Building a Community Mindset

Something that is incredibly difficult later in life is making friends. If you are looking to build friendships later in life, it is better to meet people that have a similar frame of mind to you. When you venture to a martial arts session, you will find people looking to improve themselves and get stronger. Gradually, through every training session, you get to know other people better. And it is hard to not get to know people better when you are grappling and striking someone once a week! You win, or you lose, but you build rapport with these people in one way or another, which teaches you an abundance of lessons in life.

If you are looking to change habits and make a significant difference in your life, whether it is mentally, physically, or emotionally, martial arts could be the answer you are looking for.