Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Health

Health-related problems can increase your stress levels while reducing your happiness and life quality. However, you can prevent them by adopting healthier habits. What's more, you can help keep the environment healthy while working on your wellbeing. That said, here are some sustainable ways to improve your health.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

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According to the American Lung Association, specific cleaning agents contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that irritate the eye and throat, cause headaches and cancer, among others. Besides, others are highly flammable and corrosive, which can put your home at risk. For these reasons, you should be conscious of the products you use. For instance, you may choose detergents and other cleaning agents that don't have VOCs, irritants, and explosive compounds.

You may also substitute them with natural cleaning solutions to protect your health. For example, baking soda is an effective scouring and deodorizing agent, while borax is a healthier alternative to chemical disinfectant. Besides, white vinegar and lemon juice disintegrate grease while improving the scent in your home. Fortunately, you can DIY and save extra money.

Eat Organic Foods

Organic foods are produced without chemical or synthetic products, making them a safer option for your health. Research indicates that organic produce can positively impact your emotional and mental health and reduce your allergies to certain foods. What's more, patronizing naturally grown plants and livestock reduces pollution and erosion, uses less energy, and increases soil fertility.

Fortunately, you can identify organic produce in your local market by reading the labels on them. However, not all foods are 100% organic, so be sure to view the labels correctly. Better still, you may stick to ones with the USDA Organic seal, as they comply with the federal standards. It's also prudent to patronize local, seasonal produce and avoid ones with excess packaging.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is essential should you wish to stay healthy and prolong your life. Various studies have shown that it increases your energy levels while building your bone density. Besides, it reduces your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis and improves your skin health. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly exercises to adopt for the best workout experience.

For instance, you can engage in sunrise yoga or join a heart foundation walking group to embrace nature as you work out. Gardening is also an excellent way to help your environment and your body. On the other hand, perhaps you prefer to break a sweat at the gym. In that case, you may opt for those with people-powered equipment and shop for sustainable workout superfoods should you be interested in weight training.

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