Discount Code For My Affiliate Brands

After being a social media "influencer" (whatever the hell that means!) for 3 years now, I finally attracted awesome brands that I'm proudly affiliated with that suits my healthy, minimalist, simple lifestyle!

CONFESSION: I don't really like calling myself an "influencer" as I don't like to be preachy or hard sell anything for money's sake. I see myself more as a "blogger" who simply shares my health journey, lifestyle and mindset to inspire others going through their own struggles and these brands just fit my advocacy and way of living effortlessly! Hence, I joyfully agreed to be part of their affiliate program.

My criteria, when choosing to be an affiliate is number 1, it has to be something I would totally use as a consumer... meaning, I would be willing to purchase and make the product a part of my life if I had heard about their product even before being an affiliate. Number 2, the products need to be something  I can't see myself living without meaning, I see the value in it and why it is a necessity. And number 3, I completely believe in the product and have done my research to affirm that it is, indeed, of good quality and that it's worth being associated with.

So without further boring intro, I hereby present to you my product affiliates and why I chose to be part of their family. I hope these products will benefit you as much as it has been benefiting me. 

1. Four Sigmatic


10% Discount Code: "JAYMEEWINS"

I first came across this product online from the cancer bloggers I've been following. They've been raving about it so I tried it for myself and got their lemonade chaga. In all my research about how to boost the immune system, medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps and Lion's Mane always seem to pop up and these products are loaded with these babies along with other superfoods such as Ashwagandha, Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon, etc. They are plant-based and USDA Organic and doesn't contain gums, fillers, stevia or "natural flavors".  And when I found out through a health docu-series that Tero Isokauppila, the founder of the company's father went on remission from his cancer diagnosis at an old age with the support of medicinal mushrooms, I was completely sold! So now, Four Sigmatic has become a part of my daily immune support especially at this critical times where we really need to build our body's ability to defend itself from viruses. My favorite so far is the morning routine, "half a dose of caffeine" coffee with Lion's Mane to jumpstart my brain and evening routine composed of cacao mix with Reishi to chill me down and prepare for sleep. So far, magical!

2. Blendjet


12% Discount Code: "JAYMEEWINS"

I've been big on smoothies even before getting diagnosed and all the more I can't live without it now because it's my lazy way of consuming extra fruits, greens and collagen supplements. I have a heavy duty blender that I still use in my kitchen for the "hard to crush" stuff but for my daily consumption of plant-based protein or collagen mixed with non-dairy milk or coconut water with frozen bananas or berries, I've discovered this super cute portable and chargeable blender from Blendjet. They come in trendy colors and it's easy to clean as well! I love how handy it is and how well it works considering it's so small and isn't hooked up with any wire. So far, I've taken it with me while going for a brisk walk in the beach or whenever I make my post work-out smoothie. I don't advice using it with hard fruits or vegetables like carrots or put in lots of leafy greens because it's not heavy duty enough to blend those completely. But for soft fruits and veggies to make a smoothie or even a cocktail, it's absolutely perfect!

3. Legendary Life


10% Discount Code: "JAYMEEWINS"

The founder of this company reached out to me on social media and explained what exactly the Legendary Life is all about. I was drawn to the title but wasn't exactly sure what they are offering... wellness products or life coaching services. Turns out, they gifted me with a therapeutic day and night time journal that have questions that will trigger gratitude, motivation and intention within you along with a deck of affirmation cards that contain mantras that will set your mood right especially if done first thing in the morning. So now, the Legendary Life journals and affirmation cards have become a part of my daily routine. What sets them apart from just a regular organizers are the questions that prompt you to reflect, be grateful and stay focused and the inspiring quotes written on each page. It's only been a month since I've done this habit and already, I've felt a huge difference in my day to day outlook. I've been more at peace and appreciative of life and have been more aware of my goals, actions and thoughts. I recommend the Legendary Life habit to anyone who is committed to improving themselves and their life vision. Truly uplifting!

4. Lulalu Intimates


15% Discount Code: "JAYMEEWINS"

Here's another cool product who reached out online and solves women's insecurities including mine. I was happy when I discovered that Lulalu Intimates cater to cup A, AA and AAA size breasted figures. Since I've been clinically menopause and my left breast is now slightly smaller than the right, my cup size went from B to A over the last 4 years. And although having small jugs never really bothered me even before when I was constantly being told in my 20s to get a boob job to boost my media career back in the Philippines, it's still nice to have a brand that specializes in such a thing! Most lingeries in the US and EU never fit me quite right because of my petite built so Lulalu hit this sweet spot! From racer back to strapless to laced bras and seamless thongs and panties, their selection has the blacks and beiges to the turquoise or whites lingeries and that can flatter every woman with cute small boobies. What a confidence booster! 

5. MantraBand


10% Discount Code: "JAYMEEWINS"

With the pandemic going on along with a health diagnosis that I'm managing, sometimes I just feel like giving up because, well, it can be exhausting to constantly pep talk yourself that everything will be okay. So a little reminder is all I need once in awhile to keep me back on track with my positive outlook and MantraBand does exactly that. They gifted me with a silver "STAY STRONG" band during the peak of chemo treatment and it really helped me stay strong in the process. I wore it every time I would go to the hospital for infusion and would stare at it as I keep myself together from breaking down and it did remind me of how strong my faith and body is. It also comes in various empowering mantras and designs that is so easy to mix and match with your outfit and accessories. The style of MantraBand is also very classy so it's a good fit for a minimalist like myself. It's the perfect gift for someone who just got diagnosed and needs to awaken their inner strength, resilience and faith. Yup, sporting this bracelet during challenging times does remind me that I am born to WIN! 

Your turn! Which products out of these 5 would you say fit your needs the most and why? If you decide to give these badass babies a shot, I hope my discount code would come in handy. And do share your experience with it as well as I always love reading feedbacks. WIN on baby! :) 

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