3 Hygiene Hacks To Get You Back At Your Best Post-Pandemic

If not leaving the house very often has meant your personal hygiene levels have dropped somewhat during the pandemic, then it’s time to put a stop to unhealthy habits and get back on track. With the pandemic coming to an end, we will soon be heading back outdoors into the world and will need to be looking and feeling our best to feel confident enough to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Here are three hygiene hacks to get you feeling back to your best post-pandemic.

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1. Flossing Your Teeth

With nowhere to go, getting up and brushing your teeth every morning might seem like a bit of a chore but you need to keep up with at least two brushes every single day, and ideally, floss every other day to ensure you are looking after your teeth. If you do not, then you could be harming them. Have you ever considered the root canal treatment process and costs involved? Chances are, you might not have. A root canal is not something people generally eagerly sign their name up for but it can be necessary if you are not properly looking after your teeth. Fortunately, the procedure is painless and very straightforward but it’s probably wise not to get yourself in a situation in which you need one in the first place. Be sure to floss daily and you won’t need to worry.

2. Quit Smoking For Good

With the weather turning for the better and those warmer days meaning you’re spending more time outside, it can be very tempting to light up a cigarette to relax. However, smoking has been proven to be extremely harmful to your body and, while changing your habits is tough, stopping smoking for good is a hygienic hack that will make your body feel ten times better as a result. If you can, try to come off cigarettes completely and switch to nicotine gum as opposed to vaping or use an e-cigarette. Weaning your way off smoking is hard but can be achieved and will leave you with fresher breath, healthier lungs and a whiter smile as a result. You can do it!

3. Protect Your Face From Mask Acne

While wearing a face covering has done wonders for keeping us all safe during the pandemic, it hasn’t exactly been brilliant for our skin. Mask acne, which has been dubbed “maskne” by some, is caused by the extended wearing of a face mask to the point of skin irritation. This can cause spots or blemishes and leave adults feeling as though they are teenagers again. To treat these breakouts, simply wash your face very regularly and at least once every morning, evening and after wearing your face covering. Use a gentle cleanser and then a moisturise to ensure your face has the goodness it needs to repair itself. If you have more sensitive skin, then you may need to consult a pharmacist or your doctor. Taking a break from make-up always helps too!