A Filipina Immigrant Cancer Survivor Going For The American Dream

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

FINALLY! I found an excuse to be brutally honest about my bitterness on the colonial mentality that is so prevalent in the Philippines. And also another reason why I'm more motivated to seek the credits as a Filipina artist who works hard at honing her skills in America where these things are taken into consideration.

I stumbled upon the Instagram page of Resonate Voices and I was immediately drawn to their cause. They give global voices on East Asian issues a chance to be heard and I've always had these sentiments buried deep down inside growing up in a "fair skinned mestiza" obsessed Philippine culture. I never had the balls to say this out in the open when I was still doing media in Manila. It just sounded too bitter. So I sucked it up and un-joyfully accepted that oriental looking women like me with no foreign background or cute English accent will just have to work A LOT harder to make it in the media because, well, I'm Filipina looking with a Filipino English accent back then. It really didn't make sense that we aren't supported by our own kind. Totally unfair!

So now, here's how I truly feel about the horrible "white worship" epidemic especially back in the days when social media wasn't around that deprived local talented artists the credits and exposure we ought to get back home. And why I'm going for the American dream against all the f*cking odds. It's time for the strong, independent Filipina to be heard!

My full article can be read by clicking the link below: RESONATE VOICES FEATURE: A Filipina Immigrant Cancer Survivor Going For The American Dream

Photo and Styling by Julie Licari. Make Up by Hana Christine.

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