Nurture Your Soul On Self-Quarantine

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I confess. I LOVE having the excuse to distance socially and be in a solitary confinement. Being the social introvert that I am, it gives me the time, energy, space and focus to go full on with my creative pursuits. I don't have any work, activity or person to point fingers to as an excuse not to do my jam!

While we're in this self-quarantine period to protect ourselves from NCov, I shared on my latest YouTube video and podcast about the 5 ways that you can be productive at this period of isolation that truly benefits your soul.

In a nutshell, it's about decluttering, being creative, connect with loved ones virtually, self-reflect and improve and develop an empathetic attitude. All of these explained in YouTube for the visual peeps and Apple or Spotify podcast for the audio freaks. Links to the podcast are right here below:

APPLE Podcast


Take time to watch or listen and do let me know if what I shared resonated with you as I AM HUNGRY FOR VIRTUAL INTERACTION!

Oh, and keep washing those hands and keep the 6 feet distance. Stay safe, y'all! I'm sending you all the calming and healing energy from my neck of the Californian woods. This, too, will come to pass. Hang in there. :)



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