Breast Cancer Portrait Project

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I confess. Even if I became an open book on social media about my breast cancer journey, I do get scared of talking about it all the time. Not because I'm ashamed of it. But because I also have other things going on in my life that I wanna manifest and speak about that can inspire others, with or without cancer such as how I'm rebuilding life after the tragedy, the passions I'm currently pursuing and how I'm appreciating life so much more now.

Reminiscing the cancer story can trigger post traumatic stress disorder that only a fellow survivor can truly understand. But of course, I'm never gonna run away from it. It's part of my life story now and I will still talk about it (even if it's worrisome to remember) so I can support other women going through a similar journey. Especially if there's a good cause like for instance, to create awareness, I'm definitely gonna spill the beans!

Just like the Breast Cancer Portrait Project created by Missy Peters, a co-survivor I met in one of the breast cancer support groups organized by our social worker at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center.

One fine afternoon late last year, Missy invited me to her lovely home where she photographed and interviewed me intimately about my cancer story. That's the funny thing about survivors. When you meet, it's as if you're already connected to each other. Without any words, you have a grasp of each other's pain, worries and deep appreciation for life. I let down my guard and revealed my vulnerability to her by allowing her to photograph me half naked showing my scars as I narrate to her my survival story. It was a tender and genuine bonding experience that I'll always remember. It's so amazing to feel truly understood by a beautiful stranger you barely know yet something so deep and strong connects you both.

To read my detailed cancer story based on Missy's interview and the photographs she took of me that shows my battle scars, click on this link... "Jaymee's Breast Cancer Story "by the Breast Cancer Portrait Project :)

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