Tears Of Hope

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

My phone alerted me today while at work. An email from my medical team. GULP. This, to me, literally feels like waiting for a court verdict. Is it death penalty or am I acquitted to keep living?

I take an Arimidex pill daily along with a monthly Zoladex injection in the tummy. Both suppress the estrogen in my body by which the cancer feeds on. So the goal is to starve the cancer cells to death. Tamoxifen, the prior hormone treatment I had, didn't work that well with me since the cancer came back. So we are observing if Arimidex and Zoladex will do the trick better.

Arimidex and Zoladex have been giving me intense mood swings, occasional hot flashes and mild joint pains. Eventually, I might be prone to osteoporosis and brittling of the bones because of lack of estrogen so my oncologist and I will discuss adding Zometa in my treatment eventually, a drug that protects the bones from deteriorating long term.

Along with the Zoladex injections, I do monthly blood draw to see how my tumor markers are. CA153 levels can be checked through the blood and the lower it gets, it means the treatment is working and the cancer is starving.

When I opened the blood daw results in my email this morning, this is what I saw:

And tears formed in my eyes.

Since I started this treatment only June of this year, every month, my CA153 level keeps dropping drastically. And I am just so extremely grateful to God, my medical people and to everyone in this universe who continuously sends me healing and love.

I dare not share this during the first few months because I would much prefer to reveal good news than bad. The world has already lots of horrible issues going on and the last thing we need is another sad news so I want to wait first and see.

And so here it is.

A sign of life and hope. An evidence that miracles CAN happen. A visual that proves how strong a resilient human body is, how innovative medical science can be, how powerful the heavens above truly is, and how pure love can nurture healing.

I'm excited to see how things go with my journey to healing and bring you all along in the process. But for now, RIGHT NOW, I am in tears as I write this with a heart filled with so much more determination to continue to inspire, uplift and empower the world. I will keep sharing my story, the good and bad, and believe that one day, my story will be the testimony of complete hope and healing.

To anyone reading this going through a health challenge or experiencing a life hurdle, I hope this news gave you hope and faith in yourself, in the Higher Power and in mankind.

Trust your journey, your body, the solid people in your corner and your most powerful Creator. Because as long as your heart is beating and you are breathing, beautiful possibilities can still happen.

Let's keep WINNING! Tita Jaymee believes with you and for you. :)

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