Tita's Goals This September

Hola September!

So happy to welcome you with so much hope and inspiration! Although I'm freakin' nervous because I'll see my oncologist again on your month (GULP) but I'd rather cross that uncertain bridge when I get there. Meanwhile, I'm a keep living!

This month, I'd like to practice being more committed in achieving the goals I have as a social media influencer. I noticed I've been so good at coming up with ideas but haven't really been finishing the work to get it done. So I have all these cool ideas in my head and start out motivated but halfway through, I just get distracted, discouraged or lazy to make it happen for real.

So a good start is to write it down here in my blog so that you (yes YOU reading this) will be my accountable partner! And hopefully, the universe will cooperate with me in pushing my ass harder to go for these goals.

GOAL #1: Finish writing my goddamn first book.

This has always been a dream project of mine but for some weird reason, I always find excuses not to finish it. But this week, I've spent less time goofing around on social media to sit down and get my writing going. I've already finished my very first e-booklet on Amazon (FINALLY!) and just waiting for it to be published. And now, I'm working on the paperback which is the same as the e-booklet but with more content. So yes, there's progress in this one. I just have to keep pushing so I can get done with the paperback as well. Can't wait to share the e-booklet to you in a few days when it's already up and running on Amazon!

GOAL #2: Study the San Diegan market.

I have established a branding in the Philippines as "Jaymee Joaquin" or "Kabagang" in Games Up Late Live and I'll be forever grateful for that. But a part of me also desires the challenge to find my niche in San Diego where I'm currently based. I realized I've been so focused on making my Filipino fans happy all this time that I'm not giving myself a chance to grow following in America as well. The truth is, I'm not looking to be famous in America but rather, I know that San Diego or California in general, will be my second home now because of my cancer treatment. So I also have to find the Jaymee that will add value to San Diego as a creative person. This part has been challenging for a bi-cultural blogger like me because both audiences are so different but I have to keep trying things until I hit bingo. Hopefully one day, I will find the middle ground between appealing to both the Philippine and American market. All in good time. For now, I just gotta stay patient until I get there. To my Pinoy audience, don’t worry, I will still cater content that is dedicated for you. But please give me some room to experiment with the San Diegan market from time to time. I’d super appreciate your understanding and support on this one.

GOAL #3: Get healthier and fitter.

I notice a big difference in my mood and energy when I eat healthy food and move my body regularly. I'm more inspired to create, I have better concentration which, in return, enables me to accomplish more things. Although I've been great at eating healthy most days and have been conscious to move my body if I've been idle for a while, I could still do better. I always spiral down on the excuse that I've been through a lot with cancer treatment so I have the license to bum around and sit pretty. But thinking like that makes me feel like crap. Because I don't feel productive and useful. So time to really eat more fruits, veggies and whole grains on my plate, walk, dance and do yoga more to pump out productivity and endorphins in my system.

GOAL #4: Keep reaching out to potential opportunities.

I may always look goofy and sunshiny in my Instagram stories as Tita Jaymee but the reality is I'm not doing so great financially. I only work part time in the public library to give most of my time to build my name as a Filipina social media influencer and finding my "calling" in America. But the journey hasn't been easy. I've barely made any paid collaborations so far and haven't been getting response from emails I've sent out to my favorite brands. It can be disheartening to see my bank account going lower and sometimes, I just wanna give up and find a secured 9-5. But after reading lots of books on how successful entrepreneurs and influencers made it, I'm learning that great things take time to build. So I know that I have to stay committed with the process. Along with it, I should not give up and keep reaching out to potential opportunities despite not earning from my passion just yet and the constant rejections I get. I'm always gonna put out content even if I'm not motivated at times, and never stop meeting new people that could be the right contact to make the dream a reality. One day, I know in my heart it will work out. For now, I'm a keep going forward. I trust that this persistence will pay off.

GOAL #5: Complain, cry and sulk less. Read, connect and create more.

I confess, I whine a lot. Especially when I browse on social media by accident and see other people living the life I desire. I go on sulk mode and lose my momentum in creating thinking I'm just wasting my time... that my vision is not gonna happen for me. So instead of using that time to be productive, I wallow on the "my life sucks I should just give up trying to make a difference" mentality. I've wasted so much time in the past because of this. I'd go on for days just lying down in bed, staring at the ceiling feeling sorry for myself when I could've edited a video, written a blog, caught up with a good friend, read an inspirational book, learned something on YouTube, practiced yoga or discovered a new cafe in San Diego. So now, I'll have to give myself a little tough love when I go on unnecessary "pity me" mode and maximize the life given to me the third time around. WHINE LESS, WIN MORE. Let’s do this!!!

How about you, my dear WINNER, Tita, or Kabagang? What are your goals for September?

WRITER'S NOTE: Yoga photo by Pan Productions LA, Cauliflower photo by Rachel Ward Photography and Creator photo by D'albora Weddings Photography.

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