Jaymee's Hair Journey

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Grabe! It's been 2 years already since I last shaved my head. Everyday that I wake up touching my hair, I feel soooo thankful and relieved! Even if I got a lot of compliments with the G.I. Jane look, big deal parin for a woman to lose hair... especially coming from having long hair all your life like myself.

So now, I never complain when I have to wash, blow-dry and style my locks or if I'm having a bad hair day. Kasi at least, I have hair devaaaah?!

To all my WINNERS out there who are baldie right now, this post is to give you inspiration that the hair does grow back and even if you're in the journey to hair growth, enjoy each look every step of the way! Here are my photos during the baldie, buzz cut, pixie and now, bob! Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite on me! :)

Con Todo Cariño,

Jaymee :)

P.S. My hair before was curly and now, it grew back wavy. I just use hair iron to fix it that's why it looks straight on my IG stories. :)

This was in Seattle taken by a good friend, Tanya Izadora on June 2017.

This was shot in Manila by Stephen Pechon c/o Nice Print Photo on October 2017.

Taken by photographer CeCe in San Diego, California on May 2018.

Photographed by Julie Licari in San Diego, CA on May 2019.

Capture by Kaia D'albora in San Diego, CA on July 2019.

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