To My Beloved Followers :)

I can't find the perfect words to express how ridiculously overwhelmed, happy and grateful I am with the avalanche response that I received from social media recently as one inspirational video of mine went viral online. (I will write a separate blog entry about the back story of that homemade impromptu video!)

Just when I decided to fly to New York City for a quick escape from my reality of feeling frustrated that my dream of becoming a global inspirational influencer is far from happening, all of a sudden, my mobile phone went bananas with all the notifications coming through non-stop. And just like that, my social media was on fire!

I am extremely thankful to you all that made this happen. Each one of you who took the time to look at my video/s and/or posts, hit LIKE, shared them to others, wrote a comment and subscribed to my blog and YouTube contributed to all the hope and happiness I'm feeling right now. FINALLY. The world is seeing my grand vision and desire to serve and inspire others by putting my story out there.

I would love to respond to all of you individually to let you know how much I appreciate your support but since this is a one-woman show, I'll say it all right here.

To my followers who's been there all along...

Thank you for staying with me all this time and for keeping your trust and love. You've witnessed my blogging journey from the very start... how my blogs/vlogs have been all over the place and so damn inconsistent. How frustrated I've been from time to time and losing the will to keep going for my dream. How I've been feeling so lost as I try to find my way between the GenX and millenial worlds, transitioning from a patient to a person, and balancing jobs to get by so I can fund this dream. Thank you for continuously supporting me and I am excited to keep on inspiring and WINNING with you!

To my new followers...

I'm so humbled that my work has reached you and moved you deep enough for you to follow my journey. Thank you for the kind words and comments that put fuel in my fire to keep on inspiring. Thank you for seeing the light, love and rawness in me and my desire to serve mankind by spreading positivism. I know that we have a lot of catching up to do especially if you aren't familiar with my past as a celebrity in the Philippines. But it's okay. Your timing is perfect. Welcome to the story of my unconventional life! I can't guarantee that it'll always be happy and pretty. But one thing's for sure. It's as REAL as it gets.

To you sending private messages to me and sharing your stories and struggles...

I am so honored to have earned your trust. Thank you for sharing your heart and showing your vulnerability to me. I am so moved by your messages especially those who thanked me deeply for changing their minds about taking their own lives. I know that life can be a bitch sometimes and that we all have our customized crosses to carry. But know that you are never alone in this world. We all are going through something. But faith will always, always pull you through. So carry on and keep WINNING. I will do everything in my power to make my page a reminder for you that to be alive is a privilege and that rainbows, silver linings and happy endings do exist.

To the bashers...

Thank you for finding the time to comment. I respect your opinion so I ask that you simply RESPECT mine as well. Unfortunately, I don't have the cure for cancer, the solution to poverty or the capacity to solve all the world's problems. But I know that in my own little way such as sharing my story and optimistic view in life, as best as I can, I am able to make someone out there feel understood, less lonely and be infused with hope. And that's more than enough to keep me going. I wish you the best of luck in finding a blogger/influencer that's the right fit for you.

To the God preachers...

I do appreciate your reminders about having "God" in my life. However, my relationship with my Creator is between the two of us. Having lived in different countries and learning various cultures, I've developed RESPECT for all religions. So pardon me if I don't always refer to your "God" and instead, use more universal terminologies such as the Creator, the universe, or life to accommodate other people with different belief systems. Instead of preaching at me, please meet me at a place of open-mindedness.

To the critics...

It's so disturbing how you choose to focus on my slight English errors instead of the inspiring messages my vlogs are sending out. Unfortunately, English is the second out of the three languages I speak so it will never be perfect as you desire. But either way, thank you for still pointing them out. I am flattered with the attention you give.

With all of this being said, again THANK YOU for the support and love. I am committed to keep improving and be better at shedding light, joy and hope to all of you as I share my journey in this crazy thing called life. Together, let's keep WINNING!

Your Spiritual Cheerleader,


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