A Gen-Xer Lost In The Millennial World

A Gen-Xer is a person born between 1965 to 1980. A millennial, on the other hand, was born between 1981 to 1996. 

I was born in 1979, which somehow puts me in the middle. But nevertheless, I'm technically classified as a Gen-Xer and although I have a lot of millennial qualities because I grew up mostly in that period, I still can relate more with the earlier's way of thinking. 

Lately though, I feel misplaced on both worlds. This also explains why I'm getting confused as to where I'd like to take my social media blogs as I move on from breast cancer.

Most of the Gen-Xers are now settled with kids to provide for, investments to take care of, some stable job going on, a retirement plan to look forward to or a house that they're paying for. In short, they got the whole grown-up stuff happening... and I don't.

I'm living and providing for myself. My only investments are my car, blogging materials and a few expensive bags way back from my celebrity days. I'm working a bunch of part-time jobs to accommodate my passion. I haven't made solid retirement plans as I haven't decided if I wanna do it in the Philippines or the US. And I don't see myself being able to buy a house anytime soon as I'm not ever sure where I really wanna live!

So every time I hang out with most Gen-Xers (which rarely happens anyway because they have no more time from being too involved in their families, jobs or businesses), I feel way behind and completely lost in their "grown-up" conversations.

Thus, I'm left to hang out with the modern and witty millennials.

The millennials, however, are a much different breed! They're so entitled and expect the best from the world in one click. They're too technology and app-dependent, up to the point where it feels like they prefer to spend time with their phones or computers than to actually talk to people. They are very consumer-driven that I can't even just sit and exhale because the conversation has to be about how they will benefit from something or how to be a big shot.

Bottom line, I just can't keep up. It's too much for me.

I was raised in the generation where things are done slowly, which cultivates appreciation because you actually invest time and effort on it. It wasn't just all done in one click. I grew up just being happy having good company (and actually spending time without any mobile phone distractions!) while eating food (without a need to take photos of it!), singing along to some boy band music and watching movies with a simple comedy love story format.

Dialing on the land phone and waiting for the other party to pick up, writing a letter and going to the mail box to drop it off, going to the mall to try something on and shop, heading to the library to borrow a book and read, using a camera and developing the film to create the photos... this is how I achieved happiness in my generation. There was an actual process involved in making something happen, which made getting the end result a lot sweeter.

With all of these being said, I'm finding it so challenging to fit in either worlds right now. So if you've been an avid follower of mine, pardon me if it seems like my ideas are all over the place when it comes to my social media blogs. One minute, I'm doing a product review. The next, I'm sharing my motivational story. Other times, I do my daily musings vlog. Then I switch over to posting an outfit for the day.

Because the truth to the heart of it all is that I am a Gen-Xer currently lost in the fast-paced, consumer-driven, self-sufficient millennial world. My content is not relatable and grown-up enough for the settled and secured Gen-Xer yet not interesting and exciting enough for the short-attention spanned millennials.

I know it will take some time and lots of reflecting to eventually find where my niche in this blogging world is. But for now, I'll have to sit with this in-between stage, stay patient as best as I can and carry on with sharing my stories and thoughts with the hopes to inspire even in the smallest, possible ways.

P.S. If you're reading this and you're feeling misplaced, lost or un-categorized in your life, know that you're not alone in your thoughts. I'm right here with you and one day, I know it will all make sense. For now, let's trust and let life be.

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