Don't Wait. Just Seize.

As much as I'm a believer of delayed gratification and waiting for the right timing to say or do something, I'm also an advocate of living in the now and seizing the day. Often times, we think there will always be another opportunity or that perfect occasion for us to take a chance at something but the reality is THERE'S NEVER A GUARANTEE. Life happens and you'll be shocked that one day, just when you thought the stars have aligned, the moment already passed by.

Of course, calculations should still be taken into account if we're talking about CARPE DIEM decisions that entail a huge amount of money such as traveling, shopping splurge, buying a house or luxury car, doing a fancy wedding, etc. But there are simple moments in life that don't need a lot of waiting and overthinking and just requires seizing. Here are some:

1) Don't wait for your loved ones to get sick, be in trouble, or get into an accident before you make time and check on them. If they are that important to you, check on them NOW even if they are healthy and doing well. Shoot a text on a regular basis (ex. once a month) and let them know you're thinking of them and hoping they are well. Spend quality time and make good memories together. Don't ever take your people for granted because tomorrow could be a different circumstance for you and them.

2) Don't wait for retirement before you travel to your dream destinations and take a break from working. You'll never know how your health and stamina is by the time you hit old age. Make it a goal to save and travel at least once a year and enjoy NOW while you're able. And if you have enough funds and you can afford it, dare yourself to take a temporary break from working and do what you really love regardless of the monetary returns. Your heart and soul will thank you for it. And if you get lucky, that passionate pursuit could turn out into a profitable career as well.

3) Don't wait until you have health challenges and weight problems before you learn how to eat healthy and do exercise. Start NOW while you're in good condition. I was genetically blessed with a fast metabolism so I was never consistent with a healthy lifestyle before I got diagnosed. Now, I take it seriously to amp up my health to it's maximum capacity but I wish I started younger just so it's already in my system and the adjustment would be much easier. Hence, I'm telling you. Start living healthy NOW. Eat those greens, drink that water and move that butt.

4) Don't wait for things to happen between you and that potential partner material and yet you're sitting there doing nothing. Go ahead and find out NOW in a nice, subtle way if they would be interested in hanging out and getting to know each other. The worst that could happen? They say NO. But at least you can start diffusing that romantic illusion, move on with your search and stop wasting time. And if they say YES? Great! Then you can start seeing if you're a great fit instead of just imagining it in your head. Even if it doesn't work out, you're still gonna learn from the experience anyway. Often times, we don't want to confront an unspoken attraction because of fear of rejection. But I learned that it's much better to give it a go and find out than to be stuck in la la land or worst, forever wonder WHAT IF.

5) Don't wait for your parents to get old before you treat them with respect. Give it to them NOW. I always hear this line, "Love your parents and spend time with them because they're already getting old." Why is it that they have to hit old age before we give them special treatment? Don't they deserve it NOW regardless of their age especially if they've done everything in their power to give us a safe and comfortable life? I say love, respect and spend time with them NOW even if they are still strong and healthy. And even if they had shortcomings, at the end of the day, they are STILL your parents and you wouldn't be here if not for them.

6) Don't wait for your child to hit adulthood before you teach them about being responsible. Get them started little by little NOW while they're young. Some parents place their kid inside a perfect bubble where everything is ideal and provided for from wanting to protect them from reality bites. But the truth is, they will eventually grow up and it would be much harder for them to grasp the concept of responsibility if you don't start them young. Train them NOW. They may complain about it but trust me, you're doing their future grown up selves a huge favor.

7) Don't wait for special occasions to do special things. NOW can be considered special too so go ahead and wear those nice shoes, take that warm bath and go try that newly opened restaurant. Don't let the commercial holidays fool you into their consumerism trap and only do things because they want you to spend more and join the community bandwagon. If you (and your partner or family) feel great right at this moment, you deserve to indulge NOW too and not just when the society expects you.

8) Don't wait around for other people's timelines and plans before you get started with your goals. Get started NOW because you may not be given the opportunity to do so. When I was in my 20s, I told myself I would wait to find a travel buddy or a boyfriend before I go backpacking in Europe. At age 27, it still hasn't happened so I made a brave decision to proceed with it on my own. And it turned out to be one of the best times of my life because it opened my mind into the idea that traveling cheap on a solo as a female is possible and fun. If I had waited for a friend or a boyfriend, it would've not been the same experience or worse, it would've never happened and adult responsibilities would've started piling up and prevented me from leaving the Philippines.

9) Don't wait for a life-changing event such as going through a divorce, cancer treatment or surviving a calamity before you discover who you really are and develop a newfound appreciation for life. Get to know your true self and be grateful you are alive NOW. One way to do it is to grab a pen and paper and write down the things, activities and ideas that make your heart and soul happy regardless of what others think or impose. Jot down your strengths that you can keep building and weaknesses that you can improve on as a person as well. Be honest and don't overthink. Just scribble what comes to mind. Then enumerate the things that you are grateful for in life. With no shame, go and be that person and constantly remind yourself how lucky you are to have that gratitude list. Live as the true you and be thankful for life NOW.

10) Don't wait for life to "just" happen. Go and make something happen out of life NOW! Connect with that friend, book the flight, write a song, make art, eat healthy, go for a run, tell them you like them, hug your parents, enlighten your kid, light that scented candle, take a sabbatical journey. Don't wait, just seize. It's the only guarantee you've got. So grab this moment by the balls and do it NOW!

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