I Quit My Job To Be Happy

Two weeks ago, I resigned from my day job. That's right. The one that has a fixed schedule, steady paycheck and secured future? I decided to let it go.

I didn't have the balls to admit it publicly when it happened because I wasn't sure how it will be perceived by my followers. JAYMEE WINS right? I'm suppose to be a role model for achieving and conquering challenges. So why the hell would I quit a job I just started all of a sudden?!

I battled with this thought so I hesitated in putting it out there. But I know it would kill me inside if I don't speak out and live my truth.

Why did I leave a safe and secured job then? Because I'm ready to risk "comfort" in exchange of finding my heart's deepest calling, which I know, will give me true happiness even if it involves struggles and uncertainties along the way.

When 2018 came, I fooled myself into doing what the society expected of me... start a grown-up life, get a stable job, and live "normal". And I gave in.

But as days went by with me spending most of my precious time in this 5-star resort accommodation in San Diego... being required to wear a boring uniform, being programmed on what to say to guests and how to act around people with some sense of entitlement and being ordered when I can go on a break to eat greasy food they serve in the canteen and being dictated on how my schedule is going to be in the coming weeks, I felt my soul slowly dying.

Each day as I drive to work, I was slowly falling into the pit of depression and hopelessness.

I fought so fucking hard to have another chance to live. Is this all there is to my life then? Me following orders, trying way too hard to please some entitled customers that are never satisfied, looking and acting a certain way because of some company protocol and doing all of it just to pay bills and "survive"?

Why is it always about the society? The company? The customers? The policy? The government? WHAT ABOUT ME?! My needs? My happiness? My purpose? My life?

That's why I quit the corporate world because I choose ME, MY TRUE IDENTITY and MY DEEP-ROOTED HAPPINESS instead.

I refuse to accept that I was granted by the Creator an extension to live longer just so I could pay bills and be told what to wear, say and do like a dumb puppet. Call it wishful thinking but I truly believe in my heart and soul that I am meant for a higher calling.

I trust that the Creator will reveal the grand design for my purpose in its own sweet time. All I know for sure is that social media blogging, writing, cafes, yoga, cats, brisk walking, solo traveling, the beach, healthy meals, dining out, inspirational books, posing for cameras, minimalist fashion and meaningful conversations give me so much joy. Hence, I'll keep pursuing them with mad passion and see what comes in fruition out of it.

Look, I'm not preaching that people should just impulsively quit their jobs and just do yoga and traveling instead. (Although if you can afford it, WHY THE HELL NOT?!) What I'm saying is YOUR HAPPINESS matters. If a 9-5 job gives you fulfillment, go right ahead and indulge! But if something doesn't serve you purpose and makes your soul suffer, let it go! Life is too damn short to live unfulfilled.

Sure, my former day job was very steady and safe, exactly how society wants it. But will something GREAT ever come out of a "comfort" zone?

Life is a never-ending series of discovery and evolution. Hence, there will always be struggles, discomfort and uncertainties along the unfamiliar and untested path.

But I'm willing to take that risk. Because I believe that the universe delivers the desires of an honest, passionate and resilient heart. And that doesn't involve overusing my talents and skills in order to make someone else's bank account richer.

I know that my very best is yet to come as long as I stay focused and true to who I really am and chase after the things and situations that truly fill my soul with joy and that will inspire me to give happiness back to others.

Call it insane, reckless, irresponsible or stupid. I call it authenticity, faith, genuineness and courage. Does that mean I didn't WIN because I quit the job? Not exactly. Not everyone has the balls to leave their comfort zone in pursuit of the heart's pure bliss. And I'm proud to be one of them, crazy outliers.

As of today, let me rewrite the story of my 2018: It's the year I am giving birth to MY TRUEST SELF regardless of what the society expects. It's the year I will have no shame in WINNING every obstacle, judgment, ridicule and bashing being thrown at me at my own pace and my own coping style. It's the year I will stay loyal to constantly improving myself and living my deep-rooted values. It's the year I will be ME and be fucking great at it.

[NOTE: If you're reading this, I send you courage to be YOU and pursue what makes you truly happy even if it seems silly or risky. As long as you're not hurting anyone along the process, it's so worth the shot. After all, it's YOUR life. YOUR story. Make it a grand one! And if fate allows, I'd be so delighted to hear all about it.]

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