The Man & The Tree

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful tree situated in the middle of the forest. She was huge and majestic looking which intimidated other trees and creatures. Thus, it left her growing in solitude and loneliness.

One day, a boy got lost in the said forest and came across the tree. He was smitten by it's beauty but just like the other trees and creatures, he got scared with it's gigantic size and menacing appeal. Looking at it from a distance, he just stood still.

But the tree felt the boy's sincere admiration and since she hungered for a friend, she reached out to him. Without him even asking, he pointed him directions to the right track. The boy thanked the tree and hugged her tight before leaving. This became the start of their friendship.

After that day, the boy would regularly visit the forest to spend time with the lonely tree. One day, it started to rain heavily. The boy asked, "Would it be ok if I sit under your branches so I could protect myself from the rain?" The tree said, "Sure my friend." And so he did. After the rain stopped, he hugged the tree and thanked her for her kindness.

His next visit was on a hot summer day. The sun was out and the boy was covered with sweat. He told the tree, "I could die of heat stroke! Would it be ok if I ask you to sway your branches to call the wind? Please?" The tree said, "No problem my friend." She did as he said and the wind started to blow. During sunset, he hugged and thanked the tree for granting his request.

As time went by, the tree witnessed the boy grow into a man. She was very happy with the fact that they were still friends and that he was still visiting her from time to time. One day, the tree saw the man smiling by himself while staying under her shade. Then the boy narrated, "I'm in love with a girl and I want to make her feel special. Would it be alright if I get all your flowers and give it to her so that I could make her love me too?" The tree said, "Of course my friend!" And so he did. The girl indeed loved him back and they eventually got married. After the birth of his son, the man hugged and thanked the tree for helping him build a family.

One day, the man came to the forest looking tired and weary. The tree asked what went wrong. He said, "There's food shortage in the village. My family is dying of hunger. Would you be kind enough to give me all your fruits and leaves so that we would have something to eat?" The tree replied, "As you wish, my friend." And so he did. After surviving famine, the man hugged and thanked the tree for giving them food.

During winter time, the tree saw the man walking towards him from afar. His lips were so pale from the intense cold weather. She asked if there was anything she can do to help him. He said, "My family could die of hypothermia! I will be needing all of your branches so that I could create a fire place! Help me!" The tree replied, "Go ahead my friend." And so he did. When spring time came, he again thanked and hugged the tree for saving his family's lives.

Years went by and it was time for the man's son to go to school. He showed up in the forest with a huge saw in his hand. When the tree asked him where he will use it, the man said, "I need to earn money so I could give future to my child! Would you please let me cut you and sell your trunk to the wood furniture makers? Please?" Again the tree agreed. After paying the tuition fee, he thanked and kissed her instead of hugging, since she has no more trunk.

As the man reached his old age, he went to visit his friend and he was carrying with him a big shovel. The man said, "I'm terribly sick. I need to get better for my family. Please let me dig you up so I could use your roots as herbal medicine for my ailment. You are my only hope! I beg of you my friend."

The tree looked at him and said, "Look at me. I am dying. Once I was known as the beautiful, majestic tree in the forest. But I gave you all that I can give... protection from rain and heat, my flowers, fruits, leaves, branches, and trunk. All that's left of me are my roots. If I let you dig me up, I will die."

The man replied, "But I thought we were friends. Will you let me suffer from sickness just like that?! How could you do this to me?!" The tree cried and whispered, "Enough". The man felt so disappointed and walked away. The tree was back to where she started... in solitude and loneliness.

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